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907015 Poop Off Spray 32 ounce


I typically drag a basin of water and cloths to clean my cages. This isn't an easy way to clean them since I have so many I am forever changing the water. I decided to try this product. It really cleans the cages well and without any effort. No scrubbing at all on the metal bars or trays. I didn't find it worked well on wood perches although I may not have let it soak long enough. Hours after cleaning I entered the bird room and it still smelled so nice and fresh. It's important to keep things especially tidy in summer because the heat affects the food so much quicker. This is awesome for helping keep cages clean and the air fresh. I'm sold on it. I won't be dragging a basin anymore. This bottle is not even half gone and I did my cages and shared it with a friend.
Date Added: 07/04/2011 by Maggie Rice
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