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Breaking Bad Habits in Parrots

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Breaking Bad Habits in Parrots

by Greg Glendell

Learn how responsible and sympathetic parrot care can prevent or remedy common problem behaviors. Parrots are among the most highly intelligent creatures kept as pets. They are capable of forming very close and rewarding relationships with their handlers. However, it takes a lot of time on a daily basis to ensure that the parrot is content and mentally stimulated. Otherwise, the unhappy bird may develop a repertoire of problem behaviors, such as biting, screaming, and feather-plucking. In this definitive reference book, a top parrot behavioral consultant explains how best to keep a captive bird in a domestic environment so that the pet will thrive, and reveals what to do to overcome and prevent problem behaviors. This is also the first parrot book to include detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to teach your bird some basic flight requests, including asking the bird to fly to and from you when asked. The book encourages the safe flying of all parrots and points out the problems of wing-clipping. Sections include: Parrots in the Wild; Parrot Biology; Different Types of Parrots; Acquiring a Bird; Understanding Behavior; Training Your Bird; Your Parrot's Home; Preventing and Solving Behavioral Problems (overcoming behaviors such as biting, screaming, self-mutilation, nervousness, and destructiveness); and Problem-solving.

Pages: 128 pp.

Published: 2007

Illustrations: Color photos

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 6.75" x 9"

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