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Thank you for choosing our exciting, new SIMPLE SYSTEM for your birds. This version is presented as a small crumb and can be fed to birds right from tiny waxbills to the largest macaws. You will find some ‘serving suggestions’ later on in this user guide.

The first thing to notice about this product is that it comes in both breeder and maintenance versions.

This is because the nutritional requirements of breeding birds and birds that are not breeding are very different. We also have a moulting bird version to speed pet birds through a stress free moult which is simply a 50:50 mixture of the two.

People who breed birds will need both maintenance and breeder versions for their birds at different times of year. Mixing the breeder and maintenance products together during the few weeks before breeding commences will mimic the improvement in wild bird diets and so is a major factor in stimulating breeding (chart coming soon).

The second important feature of the SIMPLE SYSTEM is that you will find that each version comes in a two day and a five day pack. Those of you familiar with our world famous CalciBoost product will be used to the concept of supplying a good calcium supplement less than seven days a week. This important process helps birds to manage their blood calcium levels. The result is far more consistent behaviour, larger clutch sizes, better egg shell quality and healthier hens. In the SIMPLE SYSTEM we have been able to extend this principle to nutrients other than calcium for even better effect.

The two day product can be fed seperately or on consecutive days. It does not matter - just find a pattern that suits you (ie 2 day product at weekends, 5 day product mid-week). Never mix the 2 and 5 day products on the same day.

The SIMPLE SYSTEM - CRUMB products are designed to be approximately 10% of your birds’ food intake. This compares to 25% for most Continental style eggfoods and 80% for complete pellets. The balance can be seeds, fresh foods and human foods.

There should be no need for any extra supplements or expensive egg foods though some breeders may wish to add Potent Brew and a tiny number may want extra CalciBoost - see FAQs .

A revolutionary new way to feed cage and aviary birds designed to be:


Q. Do I need any extra supplements when feeding SIMPLE SYSTEM?

A. There are a few circumstances where you may consider extra supplements:


1. If you have sick birds they may benefit from extra nutritional support. Products like Guardian Angel,

Potent Brew, Survive, Special Needs Diet and Wheeze-Eeze can be invaluable. Contact our free advice service if you have a sick bird:

2. If you are in a particularly soft water area or you use filtered or bottled water your birds may benefit

from extra CalciBoost. Add CalciBoost to sprouted seeds, fresh foods or SIMPLE SYSTEM. Add it on the same day you feed the 5 day crumb. Only add it to the water if the diet is predominantly dry foods. Birds eating lots of fruit and veggies will not drink much.

3. Whilst we have been able to convert CalciBoost to a dry form in SIMPLE SYSTEM the unique characteristics of Potent Brew simply depend on its liquid nature. This powerful product has enormous breeding benefits so we recommend that serious breeders continue to use it. Simply add it to moistened SIMPLE SYSTEM or other moist fresh foods.

4. Persistant egg-laying pets may need extra CalciBoost combined with the Maintenance version of SIMPLE SYSTEM.

5. You would be amazed what proportion of cage and aviary birds are nutritionally deficient. Some US research puts the figure as high as 98%. So, if you are new to The Birdcare Company’s products and especially if you have not been using CalciBoost regularly, consider using CalciBoost for 1-2 months in addition to the SIMPLE SYSTEM maintenance product. If you do this use it on the same days as the 5 day product. Unless you are in a soft water area you should be able to stop after this short ‘loading’ period. Contact our free advice service if you unsure about this:

A. As World leaders in calcium nutrition we know that your birds will be fitter and healthier if they get a break


from calcium supplementation every now and then. So in SIMPLE SYSTEM with give the birds two days off calcium every week. These two days excercise the bird’s ability to control its blood calcium levels really efficiently. Years of experience tell us that this eliminates the risks of problems like egg-binding almost completely.

A. Obesity is the most common cause of premature death in cage and aviary birds. It even affects huge


numbers of birds in zoos and birdparks whose curators and vets should know better. Unfortunately, by the time the bird is ill, most affected birds have lost weight as they tend to have heart or liver disease or diabetes.

Contrary to popular mythology obesity is not caused by too much fat in the diet - starches and sugars are much better at causing the problem. The key issues are the amount and quality of protein in the diet. SIMPLE SYSTEM balances the protein in the whole diet meaning that the bird satisfies its protein needs from far less food. So it stops eating before it gets fat! Sophistication in our products means simplicity for you and health for your birds.

A. Most infections are caused by a poorly functioning immune system. SIMPLE SYSTEM combines important


nutrients for immune function with carefully selected herbs that support both the digestive system and the immune system giving your bird unique ‘Birdcare Company Health’.


SIMPLE SYSTEM - CRUMB is a dry product and most birds will find it more palatable if it is slightly moistened (crumbly not soggy). Here are some ways you can feed it. Always try to monitor how much SIMPLE SYSTEM is eaten and contact us if you have any problems with palatability:

1. Dry. If your birds will eat SIMPLE SYSTEM - CRUMB dry that is great as you won’t have to worry about it going stale in the cage. Any moistened food should be changed after 24 hours (sooner in

warm weather).

2. SIMPLE SYSTEM can be moistened with a little water or fruit juice.

3. Some people grate carrot or apple into the crumb or mix it with boiled egg or grated cheese.

4. Sprouted seeds make an excellent way of moistening SIMPLE SYSTEM - CRUMB.

5. Finely chop your bird’s favorite fruit and vegetables and mix SIMPLE SYSTEM - CRUMB into it.

Using large pieces of food encourages birds to take a bite and throw the rest away so 1/4 inch cubes are best.

6. Finch, canary and parakeet breeders may mix it with a little breadcrumb, or soaked groats.


SIMPLE SYSTEM - CRUMB may look like a Continental style eggfood but it is both far more concentrated and far more comprehensive. SIMPLE SYSTEM contains all the ingredients our existing customers will be used to in  Feast, Daily Essentials3, CalciBoost and BioPlus and the Breeder version is stronger still and contains ProBoost SuperMax’s unique breeder stimulation and chick health ingredients. So this is five

(already world leading) products all rolled into one very easy to use (and more economical) system! And you will use far smaller quantities than you would have done of Feast or other softfoods.

How do I tell the different crumbs from each other?


All breeder versions of SIMPLE SYSTEMS contain a

proportion of yellow crumb. All five day products contain a

small amount of niger seed (small, long, thin and very

black). So if your not sure which product is which the table

will help you with identification.


SIMdesigned and manufactured by

Easier to use and it saves you money!

How strong is SIMPLE SYSTEM - CRUMB?

Serving suggestions

Q. How does SIMPLE SYSTEM maintain health?

Q. How does SIMPLE SYSTEM prevent obesity?

Q. How are the 5 day and 2 days product different?

* Incredibly complete

* Very simple to use

* Provide the ultimate in preventative healthcare

* Produce the breeding performance for which The Birdcare Company has become famous

* Insectivorous version available for finches, waxbills and soft billed birds


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