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Guardian Angel

A revolutionary breakthrough in sick bird support 

 Now you can give your sick and stressed birds even better support 

 EVERY bird keeper has had the experience of seeing birds looking fluffed and under-the-weather. Usually it is impossible to even guess what may be wrong. We all want to do something to help but we rarely know what is best for the bird. But now we can provide help for many cases, even though we don't know exactly what is wrong, simply by supporting the bird's own natural defense systems.

 For a number of years The Birdcare Company has been at the forefront of avian health technology. So it is not surprising that this firm has introduced a completely revolutionary approach in this vital area of bird keeping.

 Birdcare have been using herbal extracts to support the immune system of sick and stressed birds for many of years. But these ingredients are not water-soluble which limits their use. However a world-wide search has found a number of exciting new ingredients that have demonstrated dramatic performance in trials on sick and stressed birds and that can be given in water or on food. 

 Unique white cell support system 

 Their research has focused on the white blood cells. These are the immune system's "Rapid Reaction Force". When invaded by an infectious germ like a virus or bacteria the immune system makes huge quantities of white blood cells that rapidly spread through the blood system and kill the invaders. Any of you who have worked in a factory will know that, when there is a sudden large demand for a particular product, you inevitably can't make it because you are short of stocks of at least one raw material. This can and does occur in the body as well, and limits it's ability to produce those extra white blood cells.

 In addition, white blood cells use large quantities of fats to power themselves as they go about attacking invaders. Fats are burned in the cells' "boiler houses" (called mitochondria) and a special vitamin-like substance is used to get the fats into the mitochondria. Again this material can be rapidly depleted in the face of a hostile enemy.

 So, by adding the special nutrients most in demand for rapid white cell production and by adding the special vitamin-like substance, the bottlenecks can be prevented and the immune system can work at full power. 

 Comprehensive ingredients 

 The new product, called Guardian Angel, is based around these two revolutionary new concepts. In order to make the use of this product as simple as possible The Birdcare Company has also included many of their other unique nutritional ingredients. So Guardian Angel incorporates the vitamins and unique Rapisorb minerals normally found in the "Essentials" products. It contains the beneficial probiotic bacteria and herbal extract from BioPlus and the highly bio-available minerals found in their Maxima. A maintenance level of calcium is provided and this has been developed from their incredibly popular Calciboost product. 

 Finally the whole packages incorporated into the electrolytes, extra vitamin C and long term energy found in their Energize technology. Like Energize, Guardian Angel is 100% active ingredients. It does not contain any fillers or carriers. 

 Product Evaluations 

 Trials have been conducted on both sick and healthy birds. Here are some of the customer responses.

 Patrick Hens is one of the biggest bird dealers in Europe . His operation in attracts visitors from and around the Continent. Like other firms handling large quantities of birds Patrick has relied on expensive antibiotics to ensure his stock remains healthy. As part of our trials Patrick imported birds using Guardian Angel instead of antibiotics. The result was fit and healthy birds with no signs of stress at all!

 In we tested the new product on many groups of sick birds. Here are two examples of the excellent results. Neil Fisher rescued four black headed caiques from appalling conditions in a pet shop. They were sick, fluffed and soiled all over. They had "runny noses" and other severe respiratory problems. They were making no progress when Neil rang The Birdcare Company. Two days on Guardian Angel and the birds were in fabulous condition. Even their feather colour had improved and they were full of energy and vitality. The respiratory problems had cleared up.

 Sheila Hayes of was suffering an outbreak of megabacteria in her flock of finches. She started using Guardian Angel while waiting for the appropriate drugs to arrive from her vet. One of her birds had been very sick for three months, sitting fluffed all day. After just 2 days on Guardian Angel there was a dramatic improvement. They became very active and vocal for the first time in three months. We do not believe that Guardian Angel will actually cure birds suffering from megabacteria. The birds were later treated with the correct anti-fungal drugs under the guidance of the vet. But Guardian Angel made a dramatic improvement in the vitality and wellbeing of the flock while they waited for the drug to arrive. It was then used after the drug treatment for a final boost.

 So Guardian Angel, used for sick birds as a single supplement to a normal diet, should meet all of the patient's extra nutritional needs as well as providing unprecedented immune system support. This means that Guardian Angel is both easy and economical to use. Sometimes, if calcium deficiency is suspected, extra Calciboost will be recommended.

 Guardian Angel is designed to be applied either in the drinking water or on suitable fresh foods and eggfoods

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