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BIRDCARE Company Supplements

Healthy Bird is proud to be the sole Canadian Importer of these very effective and sophisticated Bird Supplements.

Birdcare Company designs and makes the very best bird supplements, feeds and sick bird support products in the world. Whether you are a pet owner, breeder, exhibitor, veterinary surgeon, zoo or bird park, you can contact them for free advice. Visit Birdcare Company's very extensive site (over 300 pages) with lots of valuable information in it. If you know what you are looking for but don't know where to find it, I recommend you use the site search function from Google (top right) to help you. Try typing in a problem you are interested in such as 'egg binding', 'feather plucking' or 'breeding' or enter a product name like 'Potent Brew'. This will search all their article pages and product information pages and offer you a choice of pages to look at. Did you also know that Birdcare Company has a service called BIRDVET ONLINE? Complete the short online questionaire with information regarding your bird and its specific illness/problem and the Birdcare Company will offer customized recommendations for your birds situation! Just click on BIRDVET ONLINE from Birdcare Company's home page ( Birdcare Company also offers FREE BREEDING PLANS! They offer programs that run on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You simply provide the details of the birds in your flock and the program tells you which supplements you should feed and when. It even allows you to enter your own breeding season dates! It shows you how to change your supplementation for maximum breeding effect. It also provides alternative product suggestions for small and large collections and helps to to estimate your annual and seasonal supplements needs. We have different plans for different groups of birds (larger parrots eat less per kilogram of bodyweight than smaller parrots - finches eat far more). We also have different versions for different parts of the world.

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For Breeders and/or Distributors we will discount your orders over $250.00 in cost (before shipping and taxes) by 20%

EasyBird Complete Bird Supplement
Sadly many pet birds are fed what their owners are convinced is a really good diet. Yet most of these diets are deficient in many vitamins, trace and macro minerals, limiting amino acids, essential oils and the like. The result is many birds with poor immune systems that succumb to infections. Even more commonly they show symptoms of calcium and other deficiencies which are rarely recognised as such and most commonly, their lives are shortened by the same obesity related diseases that we humans get -  liver disease, diabetes, heart and other circulatory problems. All these things are easily prevented and, with EasyBird Complete Pet Supplement, you know they are getting the very best support possible. Again this incredibly comprehensive product is simply added to fresh foods, soft foods or human foods six days a week. It couldn't be easier

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