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113624 Lucky Ducky


My canary, Mick Jagger (he sings just as well!) loves his Lucky Ducky. The creep that runs Healthy Bird sold it to me and I have since told that creep that it's a great toy and that she should recommend it to others with canarys. We did tell another lady (nice lady, not creepy like the one who runs the store) about it for her canary and she bought one too. Guess what! Her canary likes it as much as mine does. Seems a perfect choice for a canary. Don't let the creep in the store worry you. Just pick up something heavy like a large bag of pellets and if she gets close just throw the whole bag at her. There are some nice perches in there too if you want to poke her in the head or eye.
Date Added: 05/13/2011 by Maggie Rice
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