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Potent Brew 50 ml

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Application: Add to fruit, soft food or soaked seed : Finches/canaries - 1 drop per bird, 1ml per 30 birds; Budgies - 2 drops per bird, 1 ml per 15 birds; Cockatiels - 4 drops per bird, 2.5 mls per 10 birds; African Greys - 15 drops per bird, 1 ml per pair. Potent Brew is a liquid, planktonic probiotic. This means that it contains beneficial bacteria that are swimming around in an acidic, watery medium. In contrast all powdered, paste or other 'liquid' probiotics contain bacteria that are in a dehydrated and hence dormant state. Adding probiotics to water does little to rejuvenate them. They like a moderately acidic environment which they do not encounter until they get to the lower gut. This is where they turn themselves into active bacteria and start to work. The bacteria in Potent Brew however get to work immediately they get into the crop. There they produce lactic acid (this is what beneficial bacteria do). This makes the crop more acidic and so has a powerful anti-fungal and anti-yeast action. As yeast infections are one of the biggest killers of baby birds this is a very powerful preventative and can be used as a treatment for slow crop too. The upper gut is very, very acidic. It is difficult for beneficial bacteria to get through this area without suffering damage. The bacteria in Potent Brew are far better prepared for this shock than those in conventional probiotics so a greater proportion survive to the lower gut where they are needed. Potent Brew improves gut function and enables birds (both adults and babies) to gain the maximum nutritional value from the food they eat.

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